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Banks iQ

New!  Banks iQ™ Dashboard PC upgrade your Tuner with Switch

The all-new Banks iQ represents the reinvention of the art and science of vehicle-user-interface. We’ve given Banks iQ the power of a true PC and opened up an entirely new world. It’s not just information, it’s total control. Use the 5” color touchscreen Banks iQ to adjust power levels, control downhill cruising speed, adjust braking intensity, custom-tune numerous performance parameters, measure vehicle performance, read your altitude and GPS corrected speed and so much more, all on the fly! Listen to music, watch videos, play games and review Microsoft® Office documents. Banks iQ opens a window into the vital inner workings of your vehicle’s ECU, letting you see what’s beyond your dashboard gauges. Set audible alarms, read and clear trouble/diagnostic codes, log data, and measure horsepower and acceleration... while even customizing your own layout, content and colors!

The best news? Banks iQ is fully expandable and upgradable. You'll always be able to run the latest software and download a host of new programs as they become available, too!

Banks iQ is an easy upgrade for customers who already own a Banks’ PowerPDA.

Banks iQ™ Dashboard PC BANKS iQ™ Banks PowerPDA® PowerPDA®
Diagonal Screen Size 5.0" 3.0"
Display Type TFT active matrix TFT active matrix
Display Resolution 480 x 272 320 x 320
Control Six-Gun® and SpeedBrake® Both are controlled
together on a single screen
One must be closed to access the other
Day/Night Controls Auto-Set or by command Auto-Set only
Day/Night Options Dim screen, change colors Dim screen
Full Touchscreen Control Yes! No! Use of d-pad required
On-Screen Alerts (configurable) 8 4
GPS Speed Calibration Yes!
Max Values available up to 8 2
Analog Gauges Yes!
Performance results 8 parameters 6 parameters
Operating System Windows CE 5.0 Palm OS 5.2.1
Processor Speed 390 MHz 200 MHz
Flash Memory 64 MB 32 MB
GPS Antenna Built-in Antenna
GPS Module Built-in 24 channel
GPS module
Expansion Slot(s) microSD/SDHC, MMC
(up to 8 GB)
(up to 1 GB)
External Drive USB Thumb Drive or External
Port/Connector Type USB Mini-B, 12-pin
(Stereo 3.5mm / USB)
Stereo 3.5mm, USB
Width 5.375" 3.1"
Height 3.375" 4.5"
Depth 0.5" 0.59"
Weight 7.8 oz 4.7 oz




Banks iQ is fully portable spacer Banks iQ has the largest Color Touchscreen on the market
It’s Totally Portable!
Only the Banks iQ delivers true portability. The fun doesn’t have to stop when you leave your truck… iQ’s features and functions are totally usable on the go!
  Huge 5” Color Touchscreen
Bigger is definitely better. Only Banks iQ boasts a full 5” color touch-screen display. It’s colors are vivid, its resolution quality is the sharpest in the aftermarket, and its generous size allows for easy viewing at a glance!



Choose your environment
Choose Your Environment
The Banks iQ is your gateway to automotive control with information, safety, productivity and entertainment applications you can use inside and outside of your vehicle.



Choose Your Layout
Pick from digital readouts to analog gauges. Large, easy to read dials that offer the crucial performance data you need at a glance! No squinting or staring. Helps keep your eyes on the road and your info ready at a glance.
Choose your layout



Banks iQ has customizeable gauge colors
Choose Your Gauge Color
Change your readout to match your dashboards lights… or to whatever mood you’re in. The Banks iQ automatically changes gauge colors and dims the screen for day or night viewing.



Populate your gauges spacer Banks iQ has custom alerts spacerspacer spacer Calibrate your vehicle speed with GPS precision
Populate Your Gauges
Pick what you want to see, where you want it and how it’s displayed. View in English or Metric units and choose from up to 36 pre-loaded gauges. With more being added!
  Set Your Alarms
Set your vehicle’s safety zones and the Banks iQ will let you know, both visually and audibly, where you stand. Nothing like the silent dumbed-down gauges on your dash.
    Calibrate Your Speed
Put in a different gear set? Running huge off-road or low-profile tires? Using advanced GPS technology, the Banks iQ shows you your actual speed… even with stock tires.



Banks iQ works together with your Banks Tuner and/or SpeedBrake Power and Safety
… all at your fingertips!

See more, and control added power/safety functions when you connect the Banks iQ to a Banks diesel tuner, SpeedBrake or any of our other controllers with just a tap of the screen.



Test Your Performance
Think you and your vehicle are fast? Prove it! Not only can yo do 0-60, 1/4 mile and 1/8 mile runs, but you can see recorded vitals throughout your run. Save and store each run, then show them off to your friends. Make tuning changes and log your best combination.
Test your vehicles performance



Read vehicle codes and diagnose problems Diagnose Problems
Check/Clear diagnostic codes at the touch of a button. And the best part? Logged events are defined in plain English, not just codes.
spacer Be productive Be Productive
Built-in Microsoft® software with familiar functionality. The Banks iQ can view your Microsoft® Office files, manage your data, and much more!



Have fun!
Play Music
Supporting MP3, WMA & WAV files, Banks iQ lets you bring your entire music library with you! Download your favorite music and enjoy it anywhere, through the built-in speaker, through your stereo system, or earphones with crisp, clear digital amplified sound.
spacer Watch Movies
Banks iQ delivers high-quality, seamless movie viewing. Supporting MPEG-1, MP4, AVI, WMV, ASF, 3GP, and DivX format files, iQ is as serious about entertainment as it is about performance.
spacer Play Games
Choose from pre-installed games and have the ability to launch a virtually endless array of additional gaming options from compatible Windows® CE game formats right from your desktop!



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Banks iQ digital gauge style Banks iQ back view
Banks iQ Banks iQ white gauge style
Banks iQ black gauge style Banks iQ in mounted in vehicle
Banks iQ shown with included accessories Banks iQ side profile


Question How customizable is the data displayed on screen?
Answer Fully expandable. You’ll enjoy a wide range of display, color, style, and data options all at your own selection and based on your own individual preference.


Question How upgradeable is the Banks iQ as new programs and applications become available in the future?
Answer Banks iQ is completely expandable and ready to accept any and all new compatible applications and programs as time goes on. With its USB connectivity and its built-in mini-SD port, there’s virtually no limit to Banks iQ’s expansion capabilities.


Question How portable is the Banks iQ and how is it powered on the go?
Answer The Banks iQ is totally portable. It's the only device of its kind that features a rechargeable battery so you can take it anywhere.


Question Does the Banks iQ feature expandable memory?
Answer Yes, and the sky's the limit! In addition to its stout native memory capacity, only the Banks iQ offers both micro-SD card and USB thumb drive expandable memory storage.




quote After seeing the Banks iQ,  

we were left wondering —
is there anything this product won't be able to do?  quote

Diesel Power logo
— David Kennedy, Editor
Diesel Power Magazine


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quote So is the Banks iQ smart?  

The answer is a definite yes!
It is a well-designed handheld computer with an extensive complement of applications and functions.  quote

8-Lug logo
— 8-Lug Magazine


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quote …anytime more power  
  was needed  

we used the touchscreen to dial it in and then held on while the iQ worked its magic.  quote

Truckin' logo
— Dan Ward, Editor
Truckin' Magazine


8-Lug: A Smart Banks iQ Click thumbnail to view article




What's in the box? WHAT'S INCLUDED:

Banks iQ

Communication bridge

Mini B to USB cable

12-pin to USB/Headphone jack

AC power cable

Banks iQ mounting clip

Windshield mount

Quick Reference Card

Owners Manual

Award Winner
The Banks iQ Won Three 2009 SEMA Global Media Awards. The device was chosen by 28 judges from 16 countries as one of the best new products of the year. Read more »